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Lefton Brick ((Avalanche)):

Which is also known as ten-hole pottery brick in the market, is produced in a mold by dry soil presses. Therefore, it has four facades and is of the excellent type of this product. The application of this product is in brick walls, which are done automatically at the same time as the porcelain wall of the facade, and the walls of industrial sheds, ceilings and stairs. Its dimensions are according to the shape, the thickness of which can be changed depending on the customer's order, and it can be sent in bulk (group) or plastic packaging.

Bricks 20 * 20:

A type of brick that is used on floors and walls in traditional architecture depending on the customer's taste. Sidewalks and streets, mosques, landscaping of villas are among the uses of this type of brick.
Depending on the type of design, it can be used both on the floor and on the wall

Pressed brick:

One of the most common types of bricks with very precise geometric dimensions along with two circular holes for mortar and more wall strength, which is used in the internal foundation of the building and the yard wall.

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